PRIMAL™ Sales Training

Our Mission

The mission of the PRIMAL™ Sales Training Program is to develop true independence in the sales people we work with.

What is true independence in sales people? Well it means that sales people are no longer at the mercy of the market, the competitors or any external factors when comes to generating their sales. 

They have the ability control their circumstances and to overcome all obstacles and rely only on themselves to create their sales. 

Now that's true INDEPENDENCE. 

PRIMAL™ Sales Training 

Is a dynamic sales training organization with years of experience in its' specialist area of Sales Training, in particular the development of independent sales people.

We've taken what is essentially a complex sales process and made it very easy.

Inexperienced sales people will learn the basics of selling and how to use these skills to achieve more sales, regardless of market conditions or what the competition is doing.

They will generate more leads, learn how to qualify more prospects, present more value and become more confident at closing.

  1. Sales Training
  2. Business & Management Consultation
  3. Keynote Speaker - Sales and Marketing

Nick Florido, the Managing Director and a Sales and Management professional of 35 years has extensive experience in sales, marketing, business and management.

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Sales Training

Sales Training

PRIMAL™ Sales Training 

Specializes in sales training and have developed a proven selling program called the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process.

PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process is based on the principles of Relationship Selling.

The programs competitive advantage and high success rate is due to its practical application, which mean we go out with the sales person into the market place and coach the trainees side by side in the field with real customers applying the training, ensuring they use the skills.

We don't hope they will use the selling skills, we know they will!

The PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process has transformed many sales people into the top money earners of their industries.

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Business & Management Consultation

Business & Management Consultation

The PRIMAL™ Sales Training specializes in a number of key business and management fields... 

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management Training
  • Sales Coaching Skills Training
  • Sales Lead Generation Training
  • Sales Person Recruitment Training
  • Sales Staff Performance & Development Training
  • Sales Person Time Management
  • Key Note Speaker on Business and Sales

If you would like any more information about the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process or other services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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