Meet Nick Florido

Company Profile

“Some people think this metaphor is a little extreme, but isn’t that what we do as sales people: we hunt (prospect), we catch (present our product) and we kill (close the sale) or we go hungry, don’t we?”

Nick Florido is the developer of the revolutionary sales training process – the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process which has been adopted by many of Australia's leading sales organisations. The program's phenomenal success has earned him recognition as one of Australia's leading Sales and Business Trainers.

Nick has worked in many direct sell Sales and Marketing management positions, in a career that has spanned 30 years, including as the National Sales and Marketing Manager of a major Australian Manufacturer in control of over 200 sales people with the responsibility of training many, from novice status upwards. He was also the General Manager of two other multi-national direct sell companies here and overseas, where he trained many sales people using his generic training courses.

Nick draws on his practical experience to maintain his high standards of training, and also the academic rigors of his Management Diploma, majoring in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management from Curtin University.

The PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process  focuses on the principles of Relationship Based Selling and PRIMAL™ Sales Training has numerous testimonials from sales people and companies all over the country to attest to the high quality of his sales training programs.

We also avail ourselves to assist clients in many other sales and management fields where we work in the field with our customers to ensure that the learning does not just stay in the class room. With on-site training, most trainees hit the road running, showing the immediate results that our programs are capable of producing for its participants.