Sales Training

The highlight of the sales training program is it's ability to achieve an amazing success rate, which is solely based on the practical application of the training program (this is where we go out with your sales people and get them to apply their new skills in the market place on real customers).

This in-field/practical training is the reason for the accelerated learning and fast results

You see at PrimalSales Training, we don't hope they will learn, we know they will!

Inexperienced sales staff will learn how to sell, not discount, convert more leads and become confident closing the sale.

The PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process is a back to basic training program designed to give instant success to inexperienced and seasoned sales people.

At PRIMAL™ Sales Training we discovered most people employed in sales don't understand the importance of following the steps in selling, because selling is a process where the first step is followed by the second, then the third and so on.

With the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process you learn how to apply these steps to make a difference.  It doesn't matter you are selling, the same process applies in every sale.

Here's a brief outline of the Relationship Based Selling principles

Sales Training – PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process

Before you can be good at selling you need to understand the sale.



  • Lead Generation
    • The Ferris Wheel of Lead Generation
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Hunting by Phone
  • Referrals
  • A Customer must first "Buy You" before they will buy your product
  • Building confidence and trust
  • Finding out what the customer wants



  • Present Value before we present the price
    • Otherwise we commit 'Sales Suicide!'
  • Price - Show all the fruit, don't hold back
  • Control the close - all you need to do is ask!
  • Soft and hard closes
  • Pressure of the Silence
  • Overcoming objection

About the Training

Nick leads a training seminar

The sales training is conducted using two different methods.

  1. The first is a one day workshop covering the theory and concepts of the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process (see the table above) and
  2. The second method not only includes the workshop, but also includes actual in-field coaching where the trainee and the coach go into the field and put the theory into practice on real customers. Here we don't hope the sales person will use their new skills, we actually get them to apply and practice them and see the results that can be achieved using the relationship based method of selling.

The program is educational, motivational and entertaining and leaves the sales people inspired and immensely positive. This feeling translates into a confidence which radiates and pacifies even the toughest customer. The program gives the sales person the resilience to take the many knocks and set backs in the pressure cooker that is business today.

Your organisation does not have to wait for results; the program is about utility and usability in the market place, so the improvement in sales will almost be immediate.

About the Investment

The PRIMAL? Diret Sell Process

From the results you should expect returns many times the investment.

These returns are virtually immediate because of the program's portability into the market place. The concepts are easy to understand and learn and the steps are even easier to follow.

The program will reduce your costs, not increase them. With the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process well entrenched in your sales force, you can expect to get a greater return from your current advertising and promotional budgets. This will leverage it further and deliver a greater Return on Investment (ROI) for your advertising dollar.

The investment in the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process is such that it equates to less than one extra press advertisement in the local weekend paper; however you should expect returns many times this per annum.

Which advertiser can claim and produce these kinds of results?

If you have any questions about the PRIMAL™ Direct Sell Process or would like to attend the next Seminar, please click here.