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For over 15 years now, Nick has been recognized as one of the Australia’s most inspiring sales trainers and speakers. Nick's practical expertise on Sales and Sales Management continues to change the way people do business, how they sell, and offers a unique, refreshing insight into the field of selling. 

Nick has personally trained thousands of sales people and has presented his 'hunt, catch and kill method of selling ' to many more thousands.

Nick’s educational and entertaining presentations are sure to impress, inspire and educate your audience, leaving the audience feeling motivated and raring to hit the street selling!
Your choice of speaker can be the difference between a conference that is great or one that doesn’t rate.

Here's a typical topic and introduction to one of his talks:


“Good morning and thank you ladies and gentlemen for inviting me here to talk at this Business Association breakfast

And today I am going to talk to you about The Sale.  I want you to understand why your customer’s buy from you.  It’s not an accident, they just didn’t fumble and stumble on your product or service and hey presto you made a sale.  They purchased for a reason and I will show you or help you to discover why your customers buy from you  

But first, just a show of hands who here is in sales or their organization relies on sales to generate revenue?

You see sales isn’t just selling a product or service to a customer, as we typically think, selling is also whenever we have an opinion or a point of view and we try and convince someone of that point of view. Here we are selling, we are selling ourselves, we are selling our opinion etc.

Whenever we try and changes someone perspective on an issue, we are selling

So whether you like it or not we are all in sales and everyone will gain some value out of our sales training today.

Let us begin…”


o   Nick will make your next conference one to remember. Book Nick today.

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